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No stranger to the national stage, Indiana metal band Salem’s Childe are long-time veterans of the metal scene, with the band’s members having performed in various music projects from basements to stadiums around the US over the course the last two decades. Most recently, that experience includes their spring 2022 US tour in direct support of Misfits legendary guitar player, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and his band Doyle. After storming their way twice across the country, winning over fans with their unique but familiar sound, and earning the respect of their touring partners, the band went back to work on new music in anticipation of releasing a new album.

Under the guidance of Tim King (Soil; VP A&R at Pavement Entertainment) the band released their debut album, “The Sin That Saves You,” under an artist partnership deal through the storied Pavement Entertainment in October 2020 and followed that up the next spring with a cover of Sponge’s iconic radio anthem “Plowed.”

The band’s new music represents a growth from where they left off with “The Sin That Saves You,” demonstrating a dedication towards continual improvement in both songwriting and performance. The new songs maintain the band’s aggressive accessibility while pushing boundaries and inviting engagement. With 5 songs ready for release, the band continues to write and record, with the expectation that what could be released as an EP will become their second full-length album.

May 12
Doyle (of Misfits)
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