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Six Foot Blonde

Indiana ArtistR&B/Funk/Soul
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Dec 29
Six Foot Sparkles: A Six Foot Blonde Holiday Spectacular
HI-FI Indianapolis
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Six Foot Blonde’s music feels like seeing your best friend after a long time apart. The six-piece’s songwriting is conversational, with lead singer Julia Rusyniak’s melodies narrating over a pop-laced backdrop. What started off as a fleeting moment in time for their music careers became a full time commitment to music when they started writing together in early 2022. The resulting EP “Tino’s Place,” spiraled into a full blown midwestern tour where the band’s remarkably dynamic live performance impressed new and old fans alike. Come check out this young group as they continue to grow!

May 20
Six Foot Blonde
HI-FI Annex
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