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Space Bunz was raised by a family of sonically diverse music lovers in small town Indiana, where music was a vital component of her household. Her musical tastes are heavily influenced by early exposure to Soul music, Disco, Gospel, 90’s Hip-Hop & RnB, Big Band Music, & 2000’s Pop. At age 11 she began playing the bass guitar in her middle school jazz band & at her local church, which gave her a keen ear for music with heavy bass lines. She explored the art of record playing at age 14 when she was gifted her first turntables, & decided to revisit the craft in 2017. She believes a well-curated DJ set has the potential to shift the energetic field of any environment & the emotional field of any person. Space Bunz has learned the art of DJing primarily through self study & mentorship in Los Angeles & Indianapolis. DJing at various parties, clubs, & private events in Indianapolis has given her the opportunity to continue to hone her skills while finishing up her degree in Cinema Studies at Indiana University.


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