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WHY NOT is the Minneapolis trio’s self-titled mission statement. Fueled by the tension and uncertainty of the time and the changes in the band’s personal lives — from graduating high school and moving out of their childhood homes to growing into and out of long-term relationships — and colored by the joy of creating with each other.

Henry Breen, Isaac Dell, and Joshua MacGregor met playing in a middle school music class, and soon after officially forming WHY NOT in early 2016. Before any band member could drive, they had released their first album and booked their first tour — relying on Isaac’s dad, Irve, for transportation to their shows.

Over time, the band pivoted from their math rock and punk beginnings, incorporating more of their wide variety of musical influences and showcasing their burgeoning songcraft. The result is pure sonic bombast – an amalgamation of punching drums, intricate guitars, digital distortion, and whatever experimental recording technique the band uncovers, all built around an incredibly memorable suite of songs. Paired with wildly energetic and dynamic live shows, WHY NOT is force to be reckoned with.


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